"I am always doing what I cannot do yet in order to learn how to do it." Vincent
Van Gogh

Monday, December 21, 2015

Why I Will never NOT Give My Children a Gift at Christmas

          This Christmas I have witnessed multiple posts on Facebook of people hating the gifts of Christmas.  They don't want to shop, they don't want to commercialize it, and they don't want to support the big companies and their millions.  There are also those who don't want to raise selfish children, but a selfish child is not made by Christmas alone.  I decided, a long time ago, that there would never be a Christmas without a present under the tree for each family member, including the adults.  Here is my story why.

      When I was growing up we didn't have much.  This is the beginning of the story for a lot of people in this world.  I am sure there are many who can relate.  I believe my parents did they best they could at times, and at times they were selfish.  My mother got into drugs, some harder drugs as I got older, and my father let her.  I love both my parents very much, that I want to make clear, and they are clean and sober today.  The realities of my youth have followed me in my life though, and I have needed healing for many things.  I wouldn't, however, change it.  The lessons it taught me are far more valuable to me than the pain that needed healing.  Anywho, back to the story.

     I have had more Christmases than I can remember where they were bleak, no presents under the tree, and several without a tree, but I can remember the good ones too.  I can remember the tree and the laughter.  I can remember Christmas cookies, and the fun of Santa and Christmas morning. Perhaps those good memories made the bad ones harder, or perhaps it helped me see better what Christmas really did.  I know it is about Jesus, and his birth, but we wouldn't be celebrating it the way we do if more didn't take place.  By more I mean the joy, the happiness, the laughter, and more than anything, the value we place on each other.

   I believe that is what I remember the most.  I remember a Christmas where we had no tree.  I was living with only my mom at the time and she was usually high or far gone in her world.  We didn't have a tree at all, and had no money for one.  This was before the day of Facebook and telling the world your woes and generous strangers would help out.  No one helped out this year.  My mom, however, in one of her rare moments of sanity, went about the neighborhood one day while I was at school and collected all the tree branches from Christmas trees that people had thrown out.  You know, those ones at the bottom or top that they trim off.  She brought them home, and placed them in a bucket and hung ornaments on it.  I didn't get a present that year, but I couldn't have asked for anything more.  My mom had remembered, and for that moment I was reminded that I mattered to her.

    I don't know how many Christmases my parents had my name on one of those trees you see in the grocery stores, but I remember receiving gifts at school (set aside for the poor), and I remember strangers bringing gifts over, strangers whom I now know were a part of those groups that help bring gifts to needy children.  More than anything, I remember the feeling that those gifts gave me, and the feeling that courses through me at the memories.  I remember being remembered.  I remember being important, wanted, and that to someone I mattered.  I was someone, and I was not forgotten.

     There were Christmases in my past, only a few that occurred when I was a teenager where I received nothing at all for Christmas.  Those were the hardest times for me because it was then no one remembered me.  I wasn't important enough for a small gift, even as simple as a candy cane.  I guess cause I was no longer a small child I didn't need my name on a tree, or I should get over the hype of Christmas.  It is just a big commercialized event anyway.  All of us can think on when someone, at some point, gave us a gift out of love and a good heart.  Even the least of us can remember the kindness of someone who handed us something at this time, not because of any obligation, but out of the joy of giving.  A card, a candy, a cup of hot cocoa to just name a few.  Nothing elaborate needed, just pure heart and love.  We can all remember the warmth, the happiness, and joy it brought us.  Why does it bring us such joy?  I believe it is because we are told, with every little gift, that we matter.

   The world likes to say that actions speak louder than words, the Bible likes to say that you will know people by their fruit (which is often the evidence of their actions).  I believe this to be true.  One of the greatest gifts you can give is any gift of joy, good heart, and purity that makes someone remember that they matter.  Give hot cocoa to someone waiting out in the cold, wrap some presents and hand them out to strangers who need a blessing, and a reminder that they are important.

     I will never not give my children a gift at Christmas.  I will always get them something they need, something they want, and some other odds and ends that make the holidays fun and memorable.  I will work to the best of my ability to remind them, in my actions, that they are remembered and that they matter.  If I want to teach my children to not be selfish there are plenty of opportunities to do such, such as picking gifts out for other children, handing gifts out to those in need, and more.  I believe everyone needs a gift, however small it may be, at Christmas, adults and children alike.

P.S.  If you don't want to support the big companies then shop local. There are always plenty of talented artisans who need the support of their communities to thrive.  You will never find the quality that comes from the real love of the craft in a big commercial store.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The New Etsy Shop!!

We have opened a new Etsy shop.
I have fallen in love with making my own soaps and bath and body products.  I love how the natural soaps feel.  There is nothing like it.

For a little background information:

All soap, when made, creates Glycerin.  Glycerin is a wonderful humectant, which means that it attracts moisture from the air and then draws that moisture into your skin.  The commercial soap industry discovered, a long time ago, that if they extract the glycerin from the soaps they made they could sell the glycerin separately and make more money than keeping the glycerin in the soap.  To make their soaps
feel like the glycerin was still in there, or at least the normal amount the soap would produce naturally, they added fillers and harsh chemicals that makes our skin feel (temporarily) like glycerin is still in the soap.  In essence, tricking us into thinking that their bar of soap was still moisturizing.  In the end, we end up slathering more lotion on than necessary to compensate for the loss.

This is were homemade artisan soaps come in the picture.  These soaps are glycerin rich and feel so different from the commercial bars of soap.  I have been using my handmade soap for quite some time now and have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin.  I also use my Sugar Scrub Cubes which have my
handmade body butter, grape seed oil, a bath whip base and melt & pour base added.  I love the melt & pour bases as well.  I hope to someday use 100% handmade ingredients in my Sugar Scrub Cubes, but the
bases themselves are super awesome and moisturizing.  You can't go wrong with them.  

Please take the time to check out my shop, and like my Facebook page for new items.  I am slowly building up my shop and hope to have more items added soon.  Share the shop as well, and buy some soap!! ;)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Duck Tape Wallets

So, I saw these awesome Duck Tape wallets on Pinterest, and I am like "wow, how cute," but alas, I didn't want to actually buy one.  So, I made one.  Took me three hours but hey, I got it done.  This is just the outside. I made it a tri-fold with four bill pockets because I usually have everything but bills in there, and 12 card pockets and one see through id pocket. Room for everything.  

 It was my first.  I plan on making more because now I can have a wallet with every outfit.  Hahaha, no, I won't actually do that, but there are still some colors and designs I want to do.  My nephew wants me to make him one (without the ruffles).  I found some Justin Bieber Duck tape so now I am tempted to buy it and make him a Justin Bieber duck tape wallet, but then again, that might just be cruel and a waste of my time since he probably won't use it.  

Also, I am the WORST when it comes to updating my blog.  Like seriously, I am not big on online communication but I love to hear from people.  So, like always, I will be trying better, but don't hold your breath.  Someday, I just may surprise you. ;)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Crochet Symbol Font Circular Pattern Tutorial

Okay, well I finally got this made, after forever.  If you haven't figured it out yet, I am an awful blogger.  I try my best, but I must admit, I don't hate doing it I'm just bad at it, lol.

Anywho, let's get the show on the road.  If you haven't yet purchased my font please consider doing so, and if you already have a font please consider donating any amount.  It all helps :).

Thank you and God Bless

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Husband Sick

I've been trying hard to make some posts, and some tutorials for my blog this past month as well as working on the tutorials for my crochet symbol font, but I haven't been able  to do much at all.  If you don't know yet my husband is quite sick and disabled due to Meniere's disease, as well as something else going on in his brain that they (the Doctors) can't figure out so they diagnosed him with Vestibular Migraines as well.  This past month has been very hard with his condition deteriorating significantly leaving him laying in bed in a dark room for most of the day and night.  He has little moments when he can come and sit with me or hold his baby, but it goes up and down.  He does get better one day, and then is back in bed the next, but this month especially has been very hard and we don't know 100% why. 

Changes in humidity can cause him to spiral down, and it has been especially up and down this past couple of weeks.  I ask for your forgiveness that I cannot post more, as I have so much more I wish I could share. 

God is preparing us for something great, whatever it may be, and my husband and I are holding on to that hope that it will be for His glory and we will be blessed beyond measure when this trial (extremely long trial) is over.

Thank you'
Anna Boyd

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Workout What!?

So, today for the first time in forever I decided I was going to work out.

Now, mind you, I just had a baby (7 months ago)ha, and I usually don't "work out."

Exercise to me is suppose to be natural, you know, like shaking your bon bon to Shakira or someone else who makes me feel like my bon bon is worth shaking, but for some reason (perhaps the layer of fat that has signed a lease around my midsection) I decided to go for some ab-look-sexy-in-ten-minutes routine.

It was going all fine and dandy, you know, stretch here...stretch there, and then I had to some sort of sit up thingie.

So I'm thinking, "Yeah, I can do this," and then I get to the second sit up and I find myself fighting gravity.  I must admit at this point I thought this wouldn't be that hard, but gravity is tricky.  It kinda pushes us back to the ground, or so I tell myself.  I'm determined however and beat gravity, at least for a few reps. 

Being determined I fight my way to victory!  Half way through and then OFF.  What!  My body apparently has a command override and just stopped moving.  I'm laying there thinking what the heck!  I was doing good.

I took this as a sign though that I went to far.  Slow down, Anna.  Of course now I was forced to.  So, as I sit here writing this I realize I need to go a little slower.  I'm not giving up, no, I'm stubborn like that, but for now I'm gonna kick back and have some cake as a reward!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crochet Beaded Sandals Tutorial

A while back I did a tutorial on how to add beads to crochet thread easily...  I finally bring you the reason why...bahahaha

My thought for the day:

The greatest beauty about the gifts that God gives us is that they increase the more we give them away. When we hold on to our gifts, our anointing, our blessings, it is then that we will see them decrease and find ourselves struggling to find what once was. If you want more of something, than give it away.

Please comment: Leave your thoughts behind.  Would love to do more and would love to know it is appreciated.  Thank you
Anna Boyd