"I am always doing what I cannot do yet in order to learn how to do it." Vincent
Van Gogh

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Workout What!?

So, today for the first time in forever I decided I was going to work out.

Now, mind you, I just had a baby (7 months ago)ha, and I usually don't "work out."

Exercise to me is suppose to be natural, you know, like shaking your bon bon to Shakira or someone else who makes me feel like my bon bon is worth shaking, but for some reason (perhaps the layer of fat that has signed a lease around my midsection) I decided to go for some ab-look-sexy-in-ten-minutes routine.

It was going all fine and dandy, you know, stretch here...stretch there, and then I had to some sort of sit up thingie.

So I'm thinking, "Yeah, I can do this," and then I get to the second sit up and I find myself fighting gravity.  I must admit at this point I thought this wouldn't be that hard, but gravity is tricky.  It kinda pushes us back to the ground, or so I tell myself.  I'm determined however and beat gravity, at least for a few reps. 

Being determined I fight my way to victory!  Half way through and then OFF.  What!  My body apparently has a command override and just stopped moving.  I'm laying there thinking what the heck!  I was doing good.

I took this as a sign though that I went to far.  Slow down, Anna.  Of course now I was forced to.  So, as I sit here writing this I realize I need to go a little slower.  I'm not giving up, no, I'm stubborn like that, but for now I'm gonna kick back and have some cake as a reward!

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