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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Is Santa the Reason for the Season?

At this point in the year there will be blog after blog after whatever that talks about the reason for the season, Jesus. In a way, the articles all reflect a similarity that is echoed every year. This year, I will try to do something like that.

No, not really.

Most people, at least those in an industrialized nation, know that Jesus is the Reason for the Season, even if they don't believe it. It's echoed all through the month over and over again, but how many people actually celebrate Christmas as if Jesus was the reason for the season?

In all honesty, the Winter Solstice was around before the birth of Jesus and was celebrated by Pagan cultures long before that glorious day, but the birth of Jesus gave a new reason for all to celebrate at this time. All Christians mention the name of Jesus during this time, go to the church Christmas play, and perhaps even own a nativity; but how many Christians actually Proclaim the name of Jesus during this time? Perhaps they just don't know how?

What I've started to do with my children and will continue to do is make Jesus everything. When I set up the Nativity I tell my son (who is soon to be 5) all about baby Jesus and that night. Everything from the decorating of the tree to the presents we buy, all have to do with the gift God gave us in His son Jesus.

When it comes to Santa, we tell my son and daughter (even though she doesn't yet understand) that he was a good man who loved Jesus and gave gifts to children in honor of the gift of Jesus. The real Santa can be found in Saints as far back as the 4th Century, and the folklore of other cultures. His true origin is merely speculation, but there have been Saints of old who are believed to be the Christian origin for the Santa figure.

Today, some people see Santa as a symbol of commercialism, while others see him as a fun figure for children to believe in. In truth, Santa is a lie. You may think that to be harsh, but it really is true. When you tell someone something that you know to not be true, than you are in fact, lying. There really is no way around that one. It is one thing for the world to perpetuate the lie of Santa because you can explain to them about the dishonesty that is found in the world and how we are not Of the world, just In the world, but when those that a child loves and trusts the most are the ones telling them the lie, than the consequences can be much harsher.

I know of one person, personally, who was very disillusioned when she learned there was no Santa and that her parents had been lying to her all that time. She suffered for it greatly in her life until she gave herself over to God, because she spent a good portion of time rejecting anything she could not touch, feel, or was more confirmed in fact and history. It is a sad thing when someone lives a life where they cannot believe in anything because of a past hurt.

Santa is everywhere and he is a fun character. I don't mind Santa, but he sits on the shelf in our house with the Snowman and Reindeer. He is fictional, just like they are. So, during this time, remember what the real reason is for the season. Winter may come no matter what is celebrated, but the trees are decorated and carols sung for one reason and one reason only. In our home, that reason is Jesus.

If you have any other great traditions that you do for Christmas to celebrate Jesus' birth than comment and let me know! I'm always looking for a great idea!

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