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Van Gogh

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cherish the Days

My little girl will be turning two on Thursday. She is the second child with my husband, Shawn, the first being Arlen. It is amazing how time flies. I can remember everyone telling me to cherish the moments of them being small as if I wouldn't. In a way, it is rather silly to remind a new parent to cherish those moments, but on the other side, perhaps there are parents out there who need that reminder. It was only yesterday that I attended a class (or lesson) at my church on abuse and recognizing the signs of it. Being involved with the younger children it was a requirement and one that should be required. I find it amazing (not in the good way) and staggering when I hear about the amount of children abused each year, not just by strangers but also by people that are suppose to love and protect them, such as parents. The Child Help website states that "68% [of child abuse victims] are abused by family members" (http://www.childhelp.org/resources/learning-center/statistics). It goes on and on with more statistics including the percentage of abused children that later abuse their own children.
I cannot imagine a world where any children are hurt in such a way and yet that is what we face. I stopped watching a lot of news because I got tired of hearing over and over again about a new missing child and then later the body being found. This has nothing to do with not being concerned about the issue, but rather crying over it all the time does nothing to change the matter. All people need to be proactive in stopping any and all forms of child abuse and beyond. This starts with protecting the children and then helping those who have been abused so that they too will not abuse.
The battle is on the inside and in the mind for these children and adults. They were neglected and felt unloved by whatever was done to them and they pass it on as they grow.
As I look at my darling little hurricane that runs through the house and destroys everything in her path, I know that I would give everything I am to protect her and fulfill her needs. If she is hungry; I feed her, if she needs to be held; I hold her, I love her. I keep her from falling and I protect her from harm (including the cavities that can sprout from her taking the candy canes off the tree and eating them when my back is turned). I pray for her and speak blessings over her (my son is included in all this as well) and I will make sure as she grows that she knows the love of her family and her Father in Heaven. I cherish every day with my babies, and no one needs to remind me to do that. It is sad to think there are people out there who need that reminder.

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