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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday Madness

Many people can claim they have experienced the madness of the Black Friday sales promotions and the onslaught of consumers rushing like a tidal wave to get whatever deal happens to be offered. The electronics departments are always victims of the mad rush as well as those highly sought after toys that the kiddies just couldn't live without.

This Friday I decided to become a part of the Black Friday madness to see if I could cash in on those great after Thanksgiving deals. Mostly I wanted the $3 pajamas on sale at Wal-mart and the $5 DVD's. I arrived at Wal-Mart with my friend a little over 3 am. She went to get in line to get a TV (she got one) and I stood near the DVD's in the produce department (I was unaware DVD's were considered produce). Anywho, I stood in between two of the DVD cardboard stands, right next to the ones I really wanted and just chatted with the others around me. We talked about how hectic it can get once 5 am got around, one lady was complaining that the DVD stands were covered with plastic wrap (so no one would take them before 5), I reminded her that years prior we were standing outside, not inside; she stopped complaining.

Now, we all know the mad rush that happens once the doors open or the clock strikes that magic number, but this was just too funny and ridiculous at the same time. There were only about ten other people standing around me at 5 am and there were more than ten of each DVD movie available. At 5 am, I began grabbing the movies I wanted and experienced people sticking their arms all around me to grab the movies. I kept looking around and saw how frantic some people looked as if by the time there arm (which is five inches from the movie) got to the movie (which had like 30 copies) they'd all be gone. I had no worries other than claustrophobia. I quickly got out of the movie section (produce) and headed down to the toddler clothes for the jammies. Of course, they happened to have all of the electronics stuffed in the same area so it was packed, or it could just have been the jammies. There were woman all over the $3 pajamas. I had to make my way in as gently as possible to get the pajamas and it took time to find all the right sizes. In the end, I discovered I had bought two of almost every size and design (it was so crowded I couldn't tell what I had already grabbed). No worries though, my kids need jammies. I worked my way out of the pajamas and I learned the best way to get around on a Black Friday is to not go in the lanes, but where all the products are like the clothing dept, etc. This turned out to be a good idea because they had the toys everywhere, not just where toys are, and lots of great deals on clothes, etc.

I personally didn't notice any stealing from carts mean pushing, etch. I do however remember people telling me how people get so hectic they ramm into people and push people with their carts. I have something to say about this, I rammed into a lot of people and it had nothing to do with me being hectic or in a hurry. I don't know how many times I found people standing in the middle of the walkways just chatting it up or looking lost. At least three times I bumped into people who were walking right in front of my cart and then they just stopped, no warning, no slowing down to look at something interesting; no, they just stopped and then when I ran into them (because there is a line of people behind me too and I wasn't expecting a person right in front of me who is walking 100 miles an hour to just stop) they look back at me like I'm one of those crazy Black Friday fanatics. Ugh, NO! Then, I had this woman with a huge behind (and though I am not one to talk negatively about people in general there is no denying a very huge behind) who was in the clothing area, stoop down to look at something, but in the process of doing that she just happened to stick that huge behind in the MIDDLE of all the traffic, and so, I ran into her, and again I get that crazy Black Friday shopper look. I, of course, apologize profusely while at the same time thinking that it didn't matter if it was Black Friday, if she would have done that on any day it would have been hit, I mean, how can you miss it. J

Overall, I would say it was a fun and exhausting day. I got some great deals and learned to stay away from Kohl's on a Black Friday unless I want to wait in line for an hour, that even if you are not a crazy Black Friday shopper people will still think you are because they ARE (not the brightest) Black Friday shoppers, and that all the numerous complaints I hear about the various companies and their methods, etch, are just silly. These stores don't have to offer these discounts and if you go in there to have fun (and be nice) then it generally is fun and people are generally nice.

But that is just my two cents!

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  1. That's hilarious! I still can't bring myself to leave the house on Black Friday, although I almost went with my mom and aunt (at 10 AM) this year. I just couldn't do it. :)


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