"I am always doing what I cannot do yet in order to learn how to do it." Vincent
Van Gogh

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sleeping Baby

Ever have one of those days where you wish your baby would just go to sleep but they never do, and then one day they sleep all day and you have nothing to do. That seems to be a trend around here. Whenever I'm busy my baby girl always wants on my lap, in my face, on my shoulders, poops 10 times, plays with it like play-dough, etch, but whenever I have nothing to do she falls fast asleep and stays there so sweet and delicate like until I have to get up and do something. Perhaps it is a sixth sense that all babies have, a "Mommy Alarm" if you will that tells them when mom is doing something important. "If mom is busy, then I must be busy putting everything including my little bum in her face," says the baby with the soft yet determined eyes. For those who don't have babies, perhaps this is hard to understand, but I think it's the irony of life that keeps the phone ringing when you are trying hard to think, or the neighbor who brings that chocolate cake over when you are have determined that very day to watch what you eat (eh em!!), whatever it may be, my baby girl was sleeping on the couch while I was playing on Facebook, but just got up when I started typing this. Go figure!!

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