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Van Gogh

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Metal Stamping: Making it A Little Different

I don't always care for just stamped metal pieces.  It can be great (love the name stamped ones), but now and then it needs to be stirred up a little, so to set myself apart just a tiny bit I got a little dremel happy. ;).
On this one I used the dremel to add a little sky and my lovely cross.  I used permanent marker to do the highlighting and coloring.

The dremel effect on this one is just a subtle.  I used the dremel to create a kind of sunburst coming from the center of the washer.  I love the way the metal that has been sanded or brushed using the dremel looks in the light.

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  1. I really like the way the dremel makes the cross look wooden and rustic. On the other I love the sunburst effect you gave it. It's subtle, but effective!

    Keep them coming, I love see your new creations :)


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