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Friday, June 1, 2012

Crocheted Barefoot Sandals Free Pattern

Triangle Fan Barefoot Sandals Pattern
Materials Used:
Iris 100% cotton embroidery floss in five different colors (the same color can be used), if doing five different colors, 1 of each color in the center and 2 of the border color, change color after each row by finishing off the row and adding new color.
Size 1/ 2.75mm crochet hook
Clear nail polish
No gauge
Slip stitch
Single crochet
Treble/triple crochet
3 chain picot-chain 3 Ss in 3rd chain from hook
5 chain picot-chain 5 Ss in 5th chain from hook
Repeat-used in each row-do not repeat * from previous row

Chain 5
Row 1: Trc in 5th chain from hook 4 times, Ch 4, *Trc 5 times in same chain as previous Trc, Ch 4* repeat * 1 more time, ss in 4th chain from base chain 5 (do not turn)
Row 2: Ch 1 Sc in same space (top of chain 5), *Ch 3, Sc in top of next Trc and repeat across each Trc with 3 Sc in between (4 Ch 3 spaces total).  Ch 2, Sc in Ch 4 space, 5chpc, Ch 2 Sc in top of next Trc.*  Repeat * around and Ss to join.
Row 3: Ss up into Ch 3 space, Ch 1 Sc into Ch 3 space, *Ch 3 Sc into next Ch 3 space, repeat again for 3 Ch 3 spaces, Ch 4, Sc in previous 5chpc and then 5chpc, Ch 4* Repeat * around and Ss to join
Row 4: Ss up Ch 3, Ch 1 Sc in Ch 3 space,* Ch 3, Sc in next Ch 3 space, Ch 3 Sc in next Ch 3 space.  (2 Ch 3 spaces).  Ch 7 sc in previous 5chpc and then 5chpc, Ch 7 Sc in top of next Ch 3 space *and continue* around and Ss to join
Row 5: Ss up Ch 3 space, Ch 1 Sc in same Ch 3 space,* Ch 3 Sc in next Ch 3 space, **Ch 3, 3chpc, Ch 2, Sc in Ch 7, Ch 3, 3chpc, Ch 2**, Sc in 5chpc, Ch 7 and then Sc again in the 5chpc, repeat ** Sc in Ch 3 space and repeat * around Ss to join and finish off.
Triangle made.
For the Ch going over the toe, connect to one Ch 7 corner and Ch 20-30 depending on toe size.  You know your toes better than me, ;).  Sc again into the Ch 7 corner and finish off.
For the straps, in each of the last two Ch 7 corners Ch 150-200 depending on preference, finish off.
For each area finished off you can add a drop of clear nail polish to make the knots more secure.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, this is my first pattern so I hope it makes sense.  A drawn pattern is included for reference if you have trouble.

For more FREE patterns consider donating :).  This will help me write more free patterns as my husband will be encouraged that I'm not wasting my time, lol.

:)  God Bless

Want to make your own symbol patterns??  Please check out my Crochet Symbol Font with tutorials to come explaining how you can create your own circular, linear, and triangular patterns.


  1. Love it. Thank you for sharing

  2. Very cute,my nieces will love them.Thank you for sharing.

  3. this idea and look is so unique it will be a hit for a long time. thank you for sharing the pattern and kudos for the presentation.


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