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Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Diva Cup Adventure

Ok, so just so you are warned odds are this post may contain a little bit on the side of TMI.  You've been far warned.

First off, the reason I wanted to dive into this personal experience is because I have a condition called Uterine Didelphs.

This is a Uterus

Notice how it is normal, well, if you didn't know what normal looked like then now you do.

This is Uterine Didelphys.  It looks like there are two uteri but the truth is that it is one that is in half, or better put, only half grew on each side.
Each uteri side has it's own cervix and vaginal canal.
Now, I don't have two vaginas people.  I get that a lot, no, I really only have one on the outside.
I'm a tiny bit different than what is pictured as my uteri are a little more connected with a wall that separates them, and my left cervix is smaller than my right.

Okay, now you know my medical condition lets move on to the Diva Cup.
The Diva Cup  is a menstrual cup.  More information on it exactly can be found at the Home Website for The Diva Cup

This will explain in good detail what the Diva Cup is and how it is used, etch.  

Okay, now into the more personal stuff.  I just had to start using the Diva Cup yesterday, and it's been about 24 hours since I started using it.  It took about ten tries to get it in right, but once I did I was very glad.  It takes some getting used to, but I found it so much nicer than tampons or pads.

Also, I have not been cramping the way I usually do.  Now, that may be too soon to say much because I had a new baby in December and just started my period the first of  June.  (Yes, I am still breastfeeding for those wondering. I only breastfeed).  I'm just one of those lucky ones who have a period while lactating.
I did have some issues with it last night, leaking over night but not until the morning.  I looked it up and this usually happens if not inserted correctly, so I figured that's what happened because I know it wasn't the cups fault. ;)
I'll have more updates as time goes on and I get a better hang of it, but I am already loving it, plus the money I'll  save not buying tampons or pads.

Let me know if you have any experience with the Diva Cup or just if you have Uterine Didelphys.  I love to hear from you. :)


  1. Hello didelphic sister! Trying to figure out the menstrual cup situation. Tried the Instead but could not get either one to open up onto either cervix. I just leaked and had a mess. I'd like to know how it's worked out for you this year with the Diva cup.

    1. Hey, sorry for the late reply, I've been a bit in la-la land lately. The Diva cup works okay in my experience. It takes a bit of work to get it in correctly, and I actually had to figure out how to do it differently then what the website stated. I still would leak occasionally, especially the first two days, and I would have to wear liners or something with it. I haven't had any success with it at night, so I don't know how to fix that part of it. Still, I think it is a good buy. It is great for when you run out of tampons or pads, or something like that. In the event of some apocalypse it would be a great thing to have. Like I said, it doesn't stop everything, but it is better than just wearing a pad.

      Also, I inverted mine. I cut the stem short and then turned it inside out. I wear it that way and that works better than the other way. Also, I use the C fold, but I release it right when I put it in the vaginal canal (I don't push it up far) and then push it up while it is expanded, then I give it the little twist to seal it. It is not the most comfortable way to do it. Takes some getting used to, but it is necessary when you have didelphys, as that is the only way both cervix's seem to get covered.

  2. Glad to hear your thoughts. I too have the condition and have struggled w a solution for leaking. tampons have never worked and pads are just... well... brutal. I always feel gross during my period because nothing seems to be ideal, and at 35 I am so tired of ruining underwear like its my first period. :)
    I was hoping the cup would be the answer but at $40 a pop and what sounds like unreliable results, I may hold off a while longer. thanks so much for your honest feedback!


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