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Friday, January 8, 2010

Baked Biscuit Donuts

After a bit of a little boredom and a craving for a little sweetness, I decided to make some Baked Biscuit Donuts, which are very similar to the fried Biscuit Donuts.

These are not exactly health food, but they are a little better than a fried donut. They don't taste like the classic donut flavor because of their baked nature, but they are still very good and my five year old son loved them.

First, you need biscuit dough. You can use any brand (though not the flaky kind) or you can make your own, whatever you are used to using. You are also going to need some melted butter (a 1/4 cup works fine if making only a few), and some powdered sugar. A pastry brush helps as well.

Preheat the oven according to the directions on the biscuit package and place your biscuits on a baking sheet as you normally do.

Gently create holes in the center of each biscuit using your fingers and gently make the hole a nice size. Rotating the biscuit dough in your fingers as slowely make the hole larger works well.

Bake the biscuits as directed.

Using the pastry brush, quickly brush each biscuit (front and back) with the melted butter.

Starting with the first biscuit you brushed with butter (because the butter has absorbed a little) dip the biscuit in the powder sugar, both front and back, until it is completely covered with powdered sugar. Shake off the excess powder. Do this with each donut until all are powdered. Then, I like to do this, redip each donut to make sure that all the moisture has been covered with powdered sugar.

After that, Wah-Lah!! Yummy donuts! Like I said in the beginning, they don't have the traditional donut taste but they sure are good in their own right.

Another alternative to powdered sugar is a Dark Chocolate Ganache or a Semi-Sweet one. Here is a recipe I just love, but I make it with Semi-Sweet chocolate. If making it for just one or two packages of donuts, than half the recipe.

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