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Van Gogh

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Need Met

As I was getting ready for the ladies meeting at church Friday morning, I managed to step into something wet on the carpeted floor. Since I was a rush and it just looked like a little water, I dismissed it and changed my socks. I left with my children and went to the ladies meeting.

It was, of course, a wonderful meeting. One of the ladies, however, was having a difficult morning. Her house had flooded that morning and people were working on her house while she was at the meeting. We all gave her comforting words and talked about how God gives us joy in even the difficult and tiring situations.

I rode home with a friend and we talked about the carpets at the apartments where we lived, and I mentioned how I needed to shampoo my carpet (again) thanks to my little hurricane of a daughter who enjoys making the biggest messes she can.

When I got into my apartment, I took my shoes off and walked towards the kitchen and again stepped in a wet spot. I was momentarily confused as to how whatever little thing my kids must have spilt in the morning could still be there. I look closer and I realize the carpet is soaked!! I start inspecting and I find my kitchen, bathroom, carpet in the dining room and living room are soaked!!

Oh no! My house has flooded too thanks to a burst pipe from the hot water heater. I yell for my husband and he calls the maintenance man down. An hour later he shows up, no fault of his though, but that is another story. He fixes the pipe and calls a guy to come and try to save the carpets.

A half hour later, a white van pulls up and the man goes to work slurping up all that water with the big vacuum in his van, (this of course is after we have to move all of our furniture). During this time, my daughter has been at my moms since that was the only way to keep her dry (she had already rolled in the wet carpet and was laughing when we first got home). I went to check on her and a little while later my husband told me that after our carpet was dry (the pad and all) that the man had to shampoo the carpet!!

Really? He had to shampoo it??

Perhaps I am the only one who saw the irony in this or even God's little blessing/joke. I said I needed to shampoo my carpet, so my Father in Heaven hired someone to do it for me, no charge to me! Of course I had to scramble to move all my furniture, I can't access my living room till after Tuesday, but hey, at least I'll get a professional carpet cleaning out of the deal. I can live with that :).


  1. Ha! What a good sense of humor you have over this!
    Shannon @ Baruch's Lullaby

  2. I Loved it when God meets our needs like this!

  3. Too funny! I love to see God work like this =)


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