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Van Gogh

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Elbow of Opinion

What is it that people say, "An opinion is like an elbow; everyone has one?" Technically, that's not true, not everyone has elbows, but it is true that everyone has an opinion.
The differences in our opinions is what makes us so great as a race, but when a person becomes caught up in everyone's opinion than failure is the only end.
God has brought me through a lot of opinions in my life to bring me to the place where opinion no longer matters, all that matters is Him.
In life, we all come across "opinions" that have no place in our lives. God will always direct us in our paths, but other people may not like the path you are going on. God may tell you to leave a place when everyone else wants you to stay. You may tell them that God told you to go, but sometimes, they won't listen.
Many Pastor's and Preacher's will talk about this very thing in the context of witnessing calling it "the fear of man," but this fear extends beyond the world and into the church.
God has put a calling in each of us. Sometimes it takes us a while to know the full extent of our calling, but most of us know what we love to do and know a wide view of our calling. For example, a person called to evangelize may know that, but they may not know they are also called to evangelize in many other countries. God shows us things as we are ready to see them. Other people, however, don't get to see what God shows you. They may not know you are called to worship, lead revivals, start a youth movement, or bring in the new wine. Others see only what you have done and then they draw their own opinions based on that.
When a Pastor or leader is lead by the Spirit, they can see what God has put into you, but there will be many people who will not be able to see. Matthew 7:6 says "Don't throw your pearls to pigs" (NLV). When God shows you something precious such as your calling or the next step in your walk, don't share it with people who will reject it or refuse to understand it because, in their opinion, that is what you should not do. Jesus had to rebuke Peter because Peter did not want what Jesus was saying about his death to come to pass. If Jesus had listened to Peter than the story of our lives, and our deaths, would be very different.
God will always direct our paths, but it is up to each of us individually to heed his direction, and to ignore the opinions that try to sway us from our path. Keep your heart open for good direction and council, but watch out for the dirty elbows.

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