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Van Gogh

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Little Extra Money: ChaCha at Home

Have you every wanted an extra $20 just to go to the movies with friends or did you ever really want that new XBOX game but couldn't really afford it with your normal pay.  Well have no fear friends, ChaCha is here to save the day.  At ChaCha you can earn a little extra money to go to the movies, save up for something you really want, or whatever.  There really is a lot to be had.  I personally work for ChaCha and am having a great time.  For those who don't know, what ChaCha is, is a texting company.  People text ChaCha with questions and a ChaCha Guide answers the question (from the comfort of their home) on their computer.  They are needing new guides, and so I would like to invite you to come and check it out.  This is really a great extra money opportunity for not too much effort.  When I am working I also am watching CSI, sitting in my comfy jammies, and usually eating or drinking coffee.  I just kick back and have a fun time answering questions that range from serious to just plain funny.  Check it out at http://becomeaguide.chacha.com/, and if you decide to give it a try then please put me, annaboyd7@hotmail.com, as your referrer.  You can work at any time of any day, no schedule, and there are fun contests as well that you can participate in.  Check it out and Have Fun!!!

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