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Friday, July 16, 2010

My Polymer Clay Adventure 2!

I have made some more items, and I am trying different things.  I'm still working on creating items I really want to sell.  I've made a few items that I believe with a little tweaking can be awesome items to sell.  You can let me know what you think in the comments below.
This first one pictured is a yellow polymer clay pendant with silver plated charms or dangles in the clay.  On top I used some nail acrylic which I read about using in a tutorial.  This piece is not finished yet, but that is the beauty of a blog is you can show progress verses just plain perfection.  The idea in this is to help protect the silver plated pieces while also having the illusion of the items being in a glass like surface.  I plan on doing more of these but with resin instead of acrylic, but I had acrylic handy, and no resin.

This pendant I actually made with the polymer clay in the colors shown, then used acrylic paint over them to give them a more vibrant look, then used Sculpey gloss glaze as a finish. I hand crafted each flower, leaf, and vine myself. I really like this one but I would like to eventually do this without any paint whatsoever and only the glaze. 

This one is totally my fave.  I can't sell this one cause I made with a not so pretty back, but it was an experiment, not perfection.  This flower I handcrafted myself petal by petal and then after baking and cooling, painted with a pearl acrylic paint and then a sculpey gloss glaze.  I wore this yesterday on a large link chain and it was very nice.  Lots of compliments.  Would you buy this?  I plan on making more flowers of various shapes and designs and then doing different colors, some color combos, etch. 

This one I made mostly because I've had this shell flower forever and couldn't figure out what to do with it, so I just stuck it in some poly clay and called it a day!  I like this idea, but that is just me.  What do you think?

Thanks for all your comments and advice.
God Bless


  1. My person opinion, Anna, is that I'm not crazy about sticking other materials into the clay. That's not something I would buy for myself or for others. I do LOVE the items where you have done the entire piece yourself. Fro me, the bigger the pendant, the better, and if you did earrings to match, that would be great too!

  2. I like these ideas, I also love the necklace that you are giving away for the capsteam, this one:

    Can you make more of these, I like the metal chain with the necklace...



  3. Thanks guys. I hope to here more comments. I actually do like other things with polymer clay. I love mixed media. I plan on doing some steampunk stuff which I found I love! I'll look into doing more with the gunmetal. I like that stuff too ;).


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