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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Auto Repair Help

I love useful sites.  Perhaps it's just me, but I really do love being able to figure out a plan of attack from the information other sites provide.  Today we have RepairPal!

RepairPal is  a great site where you can get an estimate on auto repair costs in their RepairPrice Estimator, which I must admit, I think is just awesome.  There, if you have gotten an estimate at a repair shop, you can use the estimator to help you determine whether your estimate was fair or not.  That has to be one of my fave features on the site since that seems to be the number one thing you hear people wondering about.

You can use their Repair Shops search to find a specific repair shop in a given area, such as when searching for Phoenix auto repair, you can see the results Here.

You can find specific cars, see their rating, and find out common problems associated with that car such as this 2001 Ford Escort. You can also read user reviews, ask questions, and get answers from people who most likely know what they are talking about.  No more asking Uncle Earl!

In the Auto Repair Encyclopedia you can look up whatever the repair shop says is wrong with your car, or even try to get an idea of what could have happened to your car.  Here you can see what is involved in timing belt replacement how the problem could have occurred, and what the mechanic will (or should) be doing to replace it.  If that doesn't answer all your questions, you can ask questions! 

Just like the timing belt, if you need water pump replacement, you can find that information Here.

I am actually excited about this website, because if you are anything like me, you know nothing about cars except that they have wheels.  Even for the car savvy, this website is a great resource.  Bookmark it!

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