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Van Gogh

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Croison Pony: Story Behind the Art

I personally love it when art has a story behind it.  It doesn't matter the art, sewing, painting, sculpting, etch.  I just love stories.  From my fellow CAPS Team member we find the Croison Pony, an extremely adorable creation if you ask me, with a lovely story in it's making.  From BusyBeeworker: The Croison Pony.

"My Great Aunt Lois Croison (my Mom's aunt, grandmother's sister) drafted patterns and made ceramics during the depression to help keep them going. Thus, the name, Croison Pony, for the pony pattern she drafted, in honor of her. I was told that her pattern sold to Singer Company back then. But, as far as I've been able to find out, my Mom (now 89) and I are the only ones that still have the pattern. My daughter and daughter-in-law will inherit it from me some day."

Beautiful!  I love history, don't you!

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