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Van Gogh

Friday, June 25, 2010

Become.com; Shopping Made Easier

I am not a huge fan of shopping online although I do it all the time, so anything that makes it easier is highly appreciated.  Become.com is another one of those websites that allow you to search for one item from multiple sources.  For instance, if you are looking for animal print wallpaper, then results will span from Target.com to Amazon.com and more.  You can see what I mean by clicking Here, or you can do your own search by going Here.

This seems to a relatively new site and still needs some work.  The search features are not  all there and can sometimes take you somewhere you didn't want to go.  Become.com does offer a wider selection in the Home & Garden, Jewelry, Clothing, and Health & Beauty sections, which I found had a lot to choose from and liked very much, but the electronics section could use a little improvement.  Nevertheless, sites like this are designed to make shopping easier and I do think that after some more tweaking of the site it can be as valuable to us online shoppers as the other search sites out there.  I recommend checking it out and coming back now and again to watch it grow.

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