"I am always doing what I cannot do yet in order to learn how to do it." Vincent
Van Gogh

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Awe Man!

A couple of days ago my laptop decided to take a nose dive into some unknown territory known as my hard drive being a little messed up.  Fun stuff, I know.  I've been out a couple of days due to that mainly, plus my son getting some weird rash that is finally clearing up.  We had to reboot the computer into it's manufacturer condition, which means I lost everything saved on the computer!  Luckily, I have most items of importance saved on my little usb flash drive, but I had things I would have liked to have kept, gotta find again, man this is gonna suck, things not saved.  Including all my chord charts.  No huge worries there because I have them all printed out, but now I have to retype them and then, without delay, save them on my usb.  I think I might get an external hard drive, so I can put a lot more on it, but my usb is 8 gb which seems to do okay.  All right, now that I have spilled my heart out (okay not really) you now know the woes of my existence.  Stay tuned for more woes, yays, and whatever else my brain leaks.

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