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Monday, June 7, 2010

Who's Got Your Rib?

This isn't really the rib I mean, but it serves a purpose too.

Have you ever seen those ads for people looking for love online?  Although there are many people who have legitimately found love that way there are many who are still looking and are often looking in the wrong place.

In a way, this message is more for the guys, but girls can get something to. ;)

My husband brought out a good point that made me laugh and think at the same time.  After seeing an online dating commercial my hubby said that finding love would not be so difficult for most guys if they would just look for the girl who had their rib.

Of course it made me pause and go, "What?" thinking my husband needed to go to bed, but then I realized he meant like Adam and Eve.  Eve had Adam's rib. 

The way many Orthodox Jews find a wife or companion is similar to that of a dating site except they are focused on the long term love verses the romantic love that people in a "want it now society" strive for.  They understand that true love does not happen in the immediate, but it happens after years of companionship. 

As I am coming upon my 9th Anniversary with my husband on Wednesday, June 9th, I have been noticing those marriages that have lasted forever.  In all honesty, my parents marriage stands out significantly to me.

My parents are crazy.  I love them immensely but they are crazy.  They are always driving each other nuts and yet for some reason beyond comprehension they are still together.  I have come to the conclusion that my mother has my father's rib.  He cannot live without her because she has a part of him that he needs. 

The ribs protect the heart and having one missing makes our heart just a little more vulnerable to being hurt.  When a man finds the girl who has his rib, well, he now has a fully protected heart.
That's not to say he won't feel his heart having an attach every now and then (romantically speaking) because the ribs don't protect you from that, but it does protect your heart from being pierced or crushed.

As the number of years I have been with my own husband I can honestly say that I do believe I have his rib.

So, for the men looking for love.  Stop looking for the hair or body type, look a little lower, just above the belly, below the breasts (that's a hard one) and look for your rib.


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