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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chord Chart: Watch Out Heaven

When I heard this song I so fell in love with it and just worshipped God. It is wonderful. If you want to purchase the album (which I highly recommend) you can get it here. Hopefully it is okay to post this one, but I just want everyone to hear it, get the album though, God has blessed it.

Watch Out Heaven
Artist: Jake Hamilton
Album: Marked By Heaven
Written By: Jake Hamilton
Copyright: 2009 Jake Hamilton

(Yes, it’s true. The chords are the same through the whole song)

C#m B
Watch out heaven cause’ here I come
Storm the gates cause’ we have won
C#m B
Boldly before your throne
I’m coming, I’m home

(Cause’) The devil ain’t got no thing on me
because I’m takin’ back, I’m takin back my authority

Set watchmen on the wall
And keep, Keep them now standing tall
Set me apart from this world
I’m coming, I’m coming home

I’m taking back, Taking back my authority……….

I’m taking back, Taking back my city now………..

Shake the heavens Lord
With forty days of war
Break rebellion, send revival to America

Break Rebellion, Send Revival

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