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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Movie Reviews

For those looking for good movie reviews that reveal what is really in a movie, the Movieguide website is a good one. The reviews are done by Ted Baehr (about him here). Although 99% of his reviews are very good, I have only a few discrepancies. First off, sometimes I think he finds good things when there is little and bad things when there is little as well. He is mostly accurate, but I have seen a few movies where I could not find something he mentioned. Those items could have been changed in the movie, but who knows. Also, some of his reviews are more obvious. Take "Clash of the Titans." He spends a considerable time going over the greek mythology in the movie and explaining it away. Although that is good and all for those who know nothing about mythology, it is mythology, most people don't take that seriously anymore. When I find a movie review I think is a little off, I'll probably mention it, but most of the time I do rely on him to let me know exactly what is in a movie and it gives me an overall idea before I waste my money on trash.

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